How Ethiopia Disappears From the Economic Map

By Seyoum Berhe

International Monetary Fund (IMF) could not find Ethiopia on a map. IMF did not predict the economic forecast of a country that is fast disappearing out of existence. BTW, IMF listed Eritrea, Djibouti and Somalia on their economic forecast but not Ethiopia.

Allow me to congratulate two of the magicians for the disappearance of Ethiopia; the extreme Amhara expansionists, the genocidal prime minister Abiy and his blind followers who spent the national resources on the following:

  1. Hiring Eritrean mercenaries to murder innocent Tigrayan civilians, rape Tigrayan women and loot everything from industrial machines to forks and spoons and burning everything on their way in Tigray.
  2. Wasting money they don’t have on purchasing drones and modern military equipment from Russia, Turkey and Iran that will ultimately end up at the hands of Tigray Defense Forces.
  3. For betraying the United State that fed their poor for years, provided financial and security support and decided to align themselves with the Russian dictator and the greedy China.
  4. Finally for turning 27 years of EPRDF economic miracle, disciplined military that was favored to serve under the UN Peace keepers and one of Africa’s best diplomatic countries into a Bashasha village [Banana Republic], rapist soldiers, 30 embassies closed around the world and almost all faith leaders acting as blind government cadres.
    This is how they make Ethiopia disappear from the economic map that IMF couldn’t trace.

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