The AU Can’t Have the Sanity to Investigate the TIGRAY GENOCIDE!

Before the outbreak of the TIGRAY WAR, when the tension between the federal government and the Tigray regional government was heading to the point of no return, many prominent personalities and international organizations including the IRC were calling upon the AU to intervene and help to deescalate the bitter disagreement between them. It gave its deaf ears.

Again, the Tigray regional government wrote a formal letter to the AU and other international governmental and intergovernmental organizations to intervene before the tension led to war. No one responded to the call and the open letter of the regional government.

After the outbreak of the war, again many actors including the Tigray government called upon the AU and other relevant bodies to mediate and help for a peaceful solution of the matter. The AU has not genuinely worked for that. And its later effort of mediation did not bring any meaningful impact.

In all these steps and throughout the process, one thing was clear. The AU itself was a supporter of PM Abiy’s misguided policy towards Tigray. We all have proven this when the Chairperson of the African Union Commission Moussa Faki Mahamat endorsed Abiy’s war of genocide on Tigray. The chairperson did that in a meeting held in Djibouti shortly after the war has began.

Many if not all know that the AU is a camp of tyrants, killers, dictators, and butchers who never cares for their people’s human rights and democracy, but for their belly. That is why the continental organization has done nothing throughout the last 50 years in stabilizing the continent.

Now the AU, the organization which endorsed the WAR ON TIGRAY through the speech of its chairperson, is announcing that it is preparing to investigate the Tigray genocide. With what moral ground could the AU investigate a genocidal war that it justified? You can assume and easily predict what the outcome of this investigation will be in the end. It is the opinion of many that this organization seems to save the leader of this genocide, Abiy Ahmed, probably, by cooking a false investigation report.

Therefore, the international community, all state and non-state actors who condemn the TIGRAY GENOCIDE, should not recognize and support the AU’s move of investigation. And our people, the people of Tigray shouldn’t cooperate with the investigation team of the AU, the enabler and supporter of our misery and death. Or the Union has to publicly pull back its previous stand.


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